Supplying state-of-the-art raw materials to the cosmetics-, pharmaceutical- and chemical-technical industries in Scandinavia is BIONORD's vocation.

BIONORD's team of technical salespeople, based on a vast combined experience and solid technical background, can formulate new products according to your specific demands as well as assist you in solving problems with products of your own development.

Focusing on the sale of both specialty- and commodity-oriented chemicals, BIONORD has offices in Copenhagen and Gothenburg, both equipped with application labs, and 3 strategically located warehouses providing next-day delivery of buffer stock. Our highly trained technical sales staff is backed up by a skillful administrative team.

We at BIONORD believe that the high level of service we offer our customers will continue to be a decisive factor for further success in the future. Among the many services we provide free of charge to our customers are:

  • Product development in in-house application laboratory
  • Stability testing
  • Screening tests in regard to preservation
  • SPF-measurements
  • Technical backup
  • Production backup
  • Buffer stock
  • Perfume- and flavouring application
  • Formulation training
  • Production hygiene/disinfection

The BIONORD vision

We believe that BIONORD's role as a distribution company is justified by the comprehensive technical services our highly educated and committed staff offers our customers. Through this service, close contact and confidence is established, enabling us to discuss, advise and assist with our clients' new potential products and concepts.


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